My favourite thing this term!

Kia ora I’am Nilah and it is close to being the holidays. Hope all of you guys enjoy your holiday.

Today I wanted to write my favourite thing this term! I strongly think that art was my favourite thing this term me, my class get to learn about the artist and the art.

We did culture art and one famous art then at the end we get to paint.

What is you favourite art tell me in the comment!

Why students should sleep early and eat breakfast everyday.

My arguments today is about why students should sleep early and eat breakfast everyday.I think Students could word harder and think harder too cause children are very tired in the morning and how to fix that is to eat breakfast everyday.
Food could give energy,It could help your child. To wake up early , think harder and it will make you child not TIRED!!
There others way to also help children to wake up early,you should let them sleep at 8:30 pm to help your child.
Reasons for these arguments cause I want childrens to think harder in the future and to teach their children to sleep early and eat breakfast everyday.

My deplorable trip.

YAY!!!! I shouted excitedly,WE GET TO GO ON THE HOT BALLOON TODAY!!! I shouted again. As I was still shouting excitedly, I accidentally woke my five friends,HEY WERE SLEEPING!!! Shouted Charm,Sorry I said.

All my friends woke up and said “WHY DID YOU WAKE US UP” they chorused, “I was gonna wake you guys up anyway” said to me scaredly,OH MY GOSH TODAY IS THE HOT BALLOON DAY!!!! Shouted Victoria,YAY!!!!!! ALl of them shouted let’s get ready!!!

4 hours later…

Are you guys ready? Sapphire asked YEP! Said crisvel,let go!!! Said Aahana excitedly . It was a 10 minute drive , so we started to have fun and sing our favourite song called “better when I’m dancin” . We sang it until 10 minutes later we arrived at the hot balloon place and our ride was ready.

We went on the hot balloon, then up in the sky we went. Me and Sapphire were excited while Aahana,Charm and Victoria were scared. It was an AMAZING experience until we went over sea…..

I saw the water for ten seconds then I looked up at the sky to see a bird-beak pop the hot balloon and we all started screaming and we went in the water.All my friends swam to shore and we were all panicking.
What is that in the water?
What will they do?

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?! Shouted Victoria, “I guess we got to survive” said Charm “okay”we chorused as we all start to calm down I said we need to find any food or anyone,
We checked the whole beach and there was a jungle that we were scared to even see if there was any food there.

As the sun was going down we all felt defeated when Crisvel thought of a great plan! “ Hey guys we haven’t checked in the water yet” said Crisvel, “ but then who will go in the water it is way too cold” said Charm “I will” said Sapphire “me too” said me.

Me and Sapphire dive in the freezing water. We still moved even if it was cold or not. until…… we saw a random broken shed in the water, but why is it in water? Sapphire swam up to the water surface looking scared so I went up the water surface. Then Sapphire started shouting “IT THE AUSTRALIAN BOX JELLYFISH” what about it? I asked,”no time explaining we got to go” “tell me first” “It has been considered as the most venomous marine animal,they may not look dangerous but the sting from a box Jellyfish could be enough to almost kill you”

“But I got a plan” said me “okay well it better be quickly” said sapphire….. Four minutes later while Charm,Aahana,Victoria and crisvel, “have they be here now” said Victoria “yeah” said charm “ “GUYS IT THEM” said Victoria excitedly
“WOW how did you guys find that in the water” said Aahana “we got in the water it was like a old shed or something like that,weird right” said me “well let make our house”we chorused

It was night time and there was no food, we were starving and freezing but we had no other choice but to stay like this until help came….

The next day. “I wonder if our parents will do if we will not home yet” Charm wonder “we don’t know yet but let hope they know so they come save us” “me too” “ guys we have to go in the jungle”said Aahana “no way” said Charm “how are we gonna know if there is anyone there or any food” said Aahana” “yeah let’s go in the jungle there no other choice rather we go or we stay here and starved,freezing and no water we could die a miserable death so we got to be slick on this choice.

And we all have chosen a choice “we will go to the jungle” we chorused.


The Jungle
What is happening next?

We went into the jungle. We could hear birds,bugs and the waves going away. Our feet are muddy but we annoy them and we still went,we ran,we walked and we hiked for hours but no food or people.

All of us sat on the muddy ground devastated and the sun was going down “guys we are never going to make it” said Victoria “well we just got to hope” said chrisvel.
We lay on the muddy ground looking up at the sky,then I got up and stood among the muddy ground and said “guys we can’t give up not how we made it this far we gotta get going” said me “yeah let not give up” they chorused.

They all stood up among the muddy ground and we walked,walked and walked it was a full moon and we were still walking then we took a rest “I think I was wrong I just made all of us deeper in the jungle I’m sorry guys” said me, don’t be it okay this journey has been awesome- and Charm fainted “CHARM” we all shouted,then it was Victoria,Aahana,Sapphire and Crisvel.

“NO NOT YOU TOO CRISVEL” I knew this would be the end,I knew I was going to be next then…..

I heard a lot of motorbikes, lucky they will be doing youtube about them exploring the jungle on their motorbikes,they were enough to fit all six of us and off we went.

They all took us to the hospital for medical care and I did a BIG thank you but my friends couldn’t so I have too and one of the motorbike guy came and gave his phone to me and he said “ use this phone to call your parents” said the motorbike guy “ thank you for everything and yes I will call my parents” I called my parents and they said they will be there soon and all my friends woke up and after that I had a hot chocolate and all my other friends get to go in a hot tub,UNFAIR! my mother told me “ well how’s your trip” It was a deplorable trip,.

My fantastic art work

My fantastic artwork
This artwork was made by Vincent Van Gogh and it is called the starry night. It is a very famous artwork cause of The painting features short, painterly brushstrokes, an artificial colour palette and a focus on luminescence.
And today my class and I made the same art I mean we tried…. Do you like it?
My experience…….
This artwork was SO HARD!!! And it also took long to do it,I honestly wanted it to be over but the art inspired me,
The star on the art was AMAZING like it was almost a real star,but we all know it is fiction.

The ending…..
I love my art. It was awesome!!!! I work so hard to make my art beautiful and it will soon hang up on the wall to show everyone the starry night……

My Stardome trip

My Stardome trip
I woke up at 7:30 to get ready for my AWESOME TRIP!!!!
I got ready and went off to school.

First some of the kids came outside the library and said to come with them so the teachers could mark the role. Next we went to the library’s exit to the Junior side then we went in a line.

Room 10 , Room 9 and Room 8 were also coming too, then we went out the school exit to the bus,everyone was screaming when we went in it was SO LOUD!!! And we went off, Then we arrived at the Stardome.

We exited the bus inside the Stardome and a man led all of us to an amazing place…….. Our Solar System!!!! There were so many Planets I have even seen a little piece of the moon that they cost between $ 800,000 or $ 1,200,000!!!!!!

And many other things to see! After exploring the place the same man led us to another room that had a BIG telescope on the side and seats to sit on, the man showed us all about the stars and other things and when it ended the man did a challenge to all the students.

The challenge is we explore around Stardome and find clues with ipads that have pictures and questions. My team was Pluto then after all classes were done, my team tried our hardest but instead of 7/7 it was 6/7 one wrong it was okay but anyway!

But all of the classes didn’t get it all correct so we were all winners.

Now it is time for the best part that everyone has been waiting for the…… MOVIE It is full of pretty stars!!!!
And about Maori history.

This experience was amazing thanks to the Stardome Observatory. It was AWESOME!!!!!!

What I learnt in Stardome,where matariki stars were and other things I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!